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This is the web site for the NCLR which stands for Nation Council of La Raza. This organisation is a no profitable one. It is the largest Hispanic civil rights advocacy within the United States. With there main aim being to improve opportunities for Hispanic Americans. By being based throughout America in 41 different states this is an organisation which is a successful one.

His website is pro Hispanic and Latino immigration. This is clearly shown through there being an organisation such as NCLR being set up to support the well being of the immigrants. Although this website isn't saying directly about encouraging immigration it is clear that the organisation is pro the immigration as if not this organisation to helping the immigrants contribute to America.

I believe that this organisation is a positive outlook on immigration as although there are many people who disagree with immigration, NCLR are actually helping Hispanics to do something whilst living in America. Contributing to the country rather than creating more chaos. Without having Latino and Hispanic immigrants America may realise actually how much they as a nation rely to some extent on immigrants services. Such as having them willing to take manual labour jobs which American citizens may think twice about taking.

This is a web page describing health care when it comes to Mexicans being involved. It highlights negative aspects behind it showing how the immigrants can have knock on affects with their health care. The health care is a better standard in America and many immigrant women are aware of this and legally or illegally they take advantage of this.
 They come over as they believe they will receive better service and better care in America. The problem is is that they are blocking up American hospitals and trying to get away with things and having excuses which allows them to have treatment despite them not being an American.

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