Thursday, 23 January 2014

Claudia's post - K12 Immigration

Within this essay which I have discovered it shows the amount of immigrants which came from their home land (usually) Europe due to their poor living conditions. New York City was the place where the majority of immigrants set up their new home. By 1860 NYC was home to over a million residents. ‘More than half of the city's population at that time were immigrants and their American-born children.’ Families where carrying on or starting families in America which resulted in the families have different nationalities.
Within the essay it puts a positive light towards the immigrants as although they were so many of them taking over the city, they would work for cheap. And during the industrial revolution America needed a lot of cheap labourers who would do a lot of work for cheap which was perfect fit for the desperate immigrants looking to be able to support their family.
During the war immigration decreased but then afterwards many wanted jobs and it became difficult to return jobs to soldiers but also to keep working immigrants.

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