Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Confederate and Proud!

When we think of Confederacy as an American Identity we may not think too positively, we may think guns, racism, slavery and the rest but a symbolic identity of America all the same.

However this Facebook page 'Proud of my confederate ancestors' shows that where you come from is a very important part of identity outside of just being American. Most Americans you ask will more than likely tell you their ancestry as one of the first things they would tell you about themselves, Jewish-American, Irish-American, Italian-American and so forth and the same for this exact page. Although confederacy may not be a minority in racial terms but the idea of being strictly confederate is minority which is seen as an equally controversial as other identities in the American culture.

The page is a mixture of pictures of the confederate flag showing respect and love for their identity, pictures of the civil war which controversially show the battle and the hard times between differences in American identity and ideas and even have facts about 'Black confederates' which seems like they are trying to patch up negative stereotypes of their ideas.

No matter what we may believe about the confederates their beliefs make up an identity that arguably as American as it gets, yet their identities are so far from the average American that confederates are a minority group. All in all this group proves just this, they are single handedly making their identity and culture separate from the average American identity.

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  1. An interesting choice. How many people claim this identity? Is it controversial - you hint it may be. What do critics of it say?