Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Anti immigration group website; the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)

Founded in 1979, FAIR was set up specifically to take action through political means, to instigate change within the government's immigration policies, making it harder for immigrants to gain entry to the United States.

With more than 250 000 members ranging from far right Conservatives, to far left Liberals, including politicians and regular citizens, FAIR operates as a non profit organization relying on donations and membership subscriptions from it's many affluent members and supporters.

FAIR goals;
-To end illegal immigration through enforcement of existing immigration laws,  as well as the application of mew technology
-To set legal immigration to the lowest feasible levels consistent with the nation security, economic, demographic, environmental and socio-cultural interests of the present and future.

Fair Objectives;
-To increase public awareness and understanding of the causes and effects of immigration through sharing research and policy analysis.
-To inform leaders in academe, government, and the media, as well as the public at large of the costs of uncontrolled immigration.
-To influence public policy directly by lobbying and by protecting the citizens' rights in the courts.

Although FAIR are not completely against legal immigration, they do insist legal immigration should be capped at numbers as low as 300,000 per year. Throughout their website you can find facts of legal and illegal immigration. Including an interesting interactive map showing immigration in real numbers;

Pro immigration group website; Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees.

Since 1990, GCIR has worked to promote philanthropy in an effort to advance contributions in order to address the needs of America's ever increasing immigrant communities, helping communities financially, legally, and through education.

Like FAIR, GCIR is another non profit organisation, relying on donations from members all across the country, ranging from Conservatives (although not many) to Liberals.

GCIR pride themselves on being an organization concerned with human rights, and equal rights, and do not discriminate within minority communities, thus building a bigger range of people to help when in need.

Immigration is a major part of the fabric of American society, whether you're for or against it, it is impossible to ignore it. I think that these two organization, like many others like them, being donation based really shows how much influence and power the average American can have, ergo making the topic a real issue for the general public. But one thing is certain, the United States always has been, and will continue to be a nation of immigrants in one sense of the term or another.

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