Thursday, 16 January 2014


This article is about LGBT which stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. The ACLU stands for American Civil Liberties Union and they work closely with LGBT people helping them to express their issues and changes they want to make to society. LGBT main mission is to create an environment where citizens who come under the being LGBT have the same rights as everyone else in America. No other organisation is able to match the progress and affect which LGBT have had and they are now currently one of the biggest advocate organisations about in America in present day.

The success which LGBT have had is being able to help make marriages legal in 17 states and this number they hope will continue to grow. This organization believes that they should be allowed the same respect and opportunities as any other person. Not only do they fight for equal rights for marriages but for many other issues which being in the category of LGBT may affect your life:

- Basic Rights and liberties, not being discriminated in society having equal rights to be able to have equal opportunity in getting a job, buying a house and to have free expression

- Parenting, the ACLU try and help LGBT families to be able to foster or adopt children. This acceptance of gaining is one of the hardest to gain as this is an issue which many will disagree on as citizens of America may believe that for the baby to have an equal balanced chance in life should have both a male and female parents. This could be because that the people believe that there are issues in life men have never had to go through and therefore will not be able to be able to fully understand elements of that child’s life and the same for women.

-Youth and schools
This is about allowing children in education be able to feel free in expressing their rights and emotions. But it also helps children who are part of a same sex family and their parents are from the same gender. It is supporting them and saying that they should not be discriminated in any way judged or put down. They are as equal as anyone else no matter their family back ground.

This is a video of well-known people in America who are gay. LGBT have had a huge effect and this shows the extent as Obama has stated how he believes in gay marriages. Being able to have the president of the United States, someone who has such great power has helped LGBT incredibly. It has allowed them to be able to feel more comfortable and more accepting in society which is the way in which LGBT wish for their continuing campaign to go and continue to grow.

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  1. I published this Claudia as you had left in in Draft. Try to embed videos. You don't identify the organisation clearly - it is the ACLU. Who are they? Are they actually LGBT themselves for instance?