Wednesday, 22 January 2014

K12 Being taught about Immigration in as many lessons as possible

America seems to be following a trend of teaching immigration to their K12 students recently as President Obama passed that education for immigrations would become less to allow more immigrants into the country for a two year study programme which would see them integrated into K12 schools around the USA. The main contenders of these programmes have been said to be California, Ohio and Colorado which have gained a higher rating of immigrant students to pass through their doors (maybe due to Colorado's recent change in cannabis laws). Therefore American's are in a panicked state where they have no choice but to teach their K12 students more about immigration to allow a smooth transition into this new law and although some parents are not happy about it, Immigration is being taught in almost every lesson, as we can see here in this following website, there are lesson plans, resources and facts for teachers to follow to successfully teach K12 students about the Immigration in Ellis Island and how immigrants have felt through Geography, History and even mathematics.

Although this website is intended to be used for those in United States, UK and Australia the lesson plans are exclusively about Immigration to the United states.

It touches on issues around Ellis Island and the treatment of the Immigrants, the lines of chalk on the jacket reminded me a lot of the mistreatment of the Jewish victims of the Holocaust who were subjected to hours of tortuous queuing and this teaching plan would be good to help emulate some positive ideas about what Immigration was like.

I believe that a lot of these lesson plans touch upon a Melting Pot idea of Immigration in the United states, where the K12 students are being taught that the United States are in fact all just a bit of other countries and America is a melted down version of many different countries. This is shown through the specific lesson plan, 'U.S Place names show our diversity.' It touches on the founding names and their origins showing a Melting Pot idea that America is made up of many different places around the world making it 'Diverse.' The lesson itself includes an activity of a map of the United States to back up this idea of America being a little bit of everywhere else.

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