Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Pro and Anti Immigration websites

This Anti-Immigration facebook page seems to focus, through the news stories posted, on border control and illegal immigrants. It is made clear that the people who advocate this facebook group wish to "take their country back", and can particularly be seen by this status: "If we are to continue as the Greatest Nation in the world, Illegal Immigration must be stopped. If you value your rights as an American Citizen, then stand and be counted." Thus perhaps pressurizing fellow Americans into standing against illegal immigration by suggesting that they do not value their rights as an American Citizen if they choose not to. Many of the comments and images posted throughout appear to be quite extreme, most obviously the image of President Barrack Obama and the U.S flag covering America country on the map.


In contrast, this website for the American Immigration Council is in favour of immigration, clearly seen from the words "Honor, Protect and Promote" displayed across every page within the website. From their 'mission' page it is revealed how they attempt to advance the American Immigration system which is so tirelessly objected to by the previous facebook page; " The mission of the American Immigration Council is to strengthen America by honoring our immigrant history and shaping how Americans think and act towards immigration now and in the future." What is also clear from this website is the idea that America should be proud and wish to promote its diversity and "cultural richness" and want to educate future Americans along these lines. This is emphasized by the many projects and events this council run, such as the 'The Immigrant Youth Achievement Award' which celebrates young immigrants ability to combat the negative stereotypes they are often branded with and the Creative Writing Contest which "past winners have used the theme “Why I am Glad America is a Nation of Immigrants” to discuss their personal immigration experiences."

Therefore, as seen, these websites differ greatly in their attitude and approaches to immigration; while the facebook page seems to occasionally sway into dangerous territory through their somewhat excessive and seemingly racially prejudiced opinions, the American Immigration Council appears to attract many more supporters. This is particularly due to their projects focusing on future and younger immigrants and their positive experience of America as well as honouring America's immigration history which clearly cannot be ignored.  

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