Sunday, 9 February 2014

Online review of Push

This review of the novel Push by Sapphire makes it clear to any prospective reader how it can provoke a sense of courage and bravery seen both in the author and protagonist. This can be seen in both a literary sense, by Sapphire's "defiance of convention" in using Precious as the illiterate narrator with a "stream-of-consciousness voice" as well as in the content of the novel, in particular in its dealings of "transgressive stuff".

This review also seems to celebrate how Sapphire does not shy away from the issues presented throughout which many readers most likely do not wish to hear about. As this review states: "The extremely graphic abuse, particularly the sexual assault from both mother and father, manage to simultaneously shock the reader and endear them to the narrator, who, with her limited vocabulary, portrays her pain with earnestness and a sort of heartbreaking acceptance that reveal just how helpless she is to her environment." Consequently, it appears to be these moments of shock and heart break which endear the reader to Precious and the experiences of the people who brought Sapphire inspiration for this novel.

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