Thursday, 27 February 2014


This is the website for the National Association of Professional Women. The group is a network for women to connect and share ideas. They hold conferences for women to educate women on how to be successful in the work field. The group uses powerful and well-known women to inspire women. These women teach other women about how to be successful in the business world as well as in their personal life. Using famous women can be effective in teaching women in that they have personally accomplished many great things and that other women can too. They emphasize on the power that women hold. The website make the group experience very personal. This website makes learning about the NAPW very easy and accessible to women.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014


National Organization for Women.

Since its foundation in 1966 amidst the civil rights movements, the National Organization for Women has been at the forefront of feminist activism, using both traditional and non traditional means of protest throughout the US.

The main policies and ideals NOW fight for are; fighting for economic equality and employment rights (by way of securing a change to the US constitution), reproductive freedom, and abortion choice rights. Both of which are heated topics in the US today.

As well as fighting for employment and reproductive rights, NOW are also heavily involved in equal rights within the LGBT community. NOW also run campaigns against violence against women, another serious social issue today.

NOW blog

This is a website dedicated to women being able to be heard. It is alloowing women to express views on subjects which are considered to be significant. This web link is of a blog off of the website and is about women not recieving equal pay. The blog is backed up with a lot of data to support their view on how men are paid more than women. And this is not at all alright!

On the blog it states that women are significantly under paid and they are more likely than men to out live their life savings as a consequence of this. 2058 is meant to be the time when this wage cap between male and female will be closed. I will be Accoding to my maths I am now 18 and i will be 62 when this gap has been closed. Women represent two thirds of the minimum wage payments. This means that for single mums out there they will not earn enough money to be able to live off for their child and themselves. And many may say well work more hours, but this may not be possible as those longer hours which you are working. The money which you are earning is not going into the womens savings it is going into the childcare. To look after their children.
In 2012 for every $1 paid to a male worker a female worker only recieved 77 cents. This is not acceptable. As women often are capeable of doing the same type of work or job to the same standard and a male. It is wrong that men get compencated more for being male.

In a poll taken over 50% of republicans agreed on their being a salary rise. So why has it not been raised?

Trust Women organisation

This website is from the organisation 'Trust Women' which takes a pro-choice stance on abortion. This organisation not only campaigns for women's rights to choose if they want an abortion, but also for improved abortion care and  maternal health in America. Their main focus appears to be in the Midwest and the South as they say this is where "women’s reproductive rights have been limited more than in any other region of the country....We will measure our success by the number of women in this region who can easily access abortion and who have healthy pregnancies and safe deliveries." This is also emphasised by the 'Target States' page of the website in which Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri are named as the areas which require the most attention: "These states are also home to some of the most restrictive and punitive laws curtailing women’s access to reproductive health care, and claim some of the highest teen pregnancy and child poverty rates in the country.  Anti-abortion and anti-government activism is heated, high-profile, and often violent.  And the women of these regions suffer."

This organisation was set up in response to the work of physician Dr. George Tiller, who is credited as their inspiration, as he worked toward reproductive rights for women and, rather controversially, was the medical director of Women's Health Care Services which provided late-term abortions for women. Trust Women make it clear they wish to continue with his vision, despite high numbers of anti-abortionists, one of whom assassinated Tiller in 2009.

Overall, I agree with what 'Trust Women' are aiming to do in America, in my opinion they are providing a safe option for those women who want to keep control of their own bodies. This is particularly relevant in cases of rape or domestic violence when many women are given no option when it comes to their pregnancy. Similarly, the fact that this organisation provide help and care for women both during and after pregnancy they seem to be providing many women with a safe and supportive place to go where there most likely would not have been before.

Thursday, 20 February 2014


This website was set up by the America Baptist Church. Their mission is to spread the word of Jesus and open their arms to all people. They say, "As a people of prayer, purpose, and passion, we are in the forefront of creating a community of faith where people of every race, nationality and culture gather as one in worship, service and work." They try to focus their worships on the gospel and rid of any unnecessary aspects that may accompany religious teachings.

The group works hard to unite the members of its group. This relates to the identity that America is united and although there are many different religious groups, they are all related in that they are trying to spread the word of God.

There is a section on the website called "America For Christ" which relates particularly to the identity of America in terms of faith. This section strengthens the idea that the country can be united through religion.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. (Mormons)

The reason i have chosen to write my post on the Mormon faith is because it is a relatively new religion, in that it was founded and became popular AFTER America itself became a country, (officially founded by Joseph Smith in 1830).

Interestingly, although the main influence of the Mormon Church resides in Utah, North America, the majority of Mormon faith followers live outside of the USA.

The map below shows the percentage of Mormon faith followers in the United States;

Contritely, this map (below) shows the overall estimated population of Mormon faith followers across the globe;
File:LDS Global Distribution.svg

By looking at the two maps, it is easy to see how the Mormon faith is more spread out, and not just centres in one dense place like it is easy to imagine.

After looking through the official Mormon webpage, a number of things are immediately apparent. Firstly, the Mormon Church, and it's followers a keen humanitarians, placing much pride in their community, missionary, and aid work both at home and abroad, stressing that 'we are all God's children, and that we should all help each other', secondly, the Church of Latter Day Saints is adamant that it is a rigorous and stringent CHRISTIAN group. Although arguments have been made in the past that this is not the case, the Church as earned recognition in the United States, and indeed world wide as to it's Christian background and affiliation.

Furthermore, although the Church operates as a 'strict' and stringent denomination of Christianity, it's doors are open to anybody, no matter of race, colour, creed, or background (including homosexuals), making the Church of Latter Day Saints arguably the most Christian of all the Christian faiths.

The webpage offers a FAQ's section, endeavouring to answer any important question one might have about the faith, including its politics, its stance on marriage, its history, and so on. All throughout the page maintaining that they are tradition Christians committed to helping those in need, and doing whatever they can to help out, no matter who is in need.

Amish in the USA

            This website dedicated to the Amish across the United States reminded and emphasised for me how diverse the faiths of this country are. However, dissimilarly from the majority of other religions in America, the Amish seem to make it clear they want very little contact with anyone from the outside world and "do not solicit nor encourage tourism to their quiet countryside farms." This is accentuated throughout the website by their references to the "Englishers, Yankees or High People (names given by the Amish for anyone who is not Amish) and their insistence that they do not care to be educated about the modern world.  
           The website also appears to focus on the skills and traditions of the Amish people, with very little reference to their religious background. However, any reference to the Bible within the website is clearly taken very seriously; for example: "The Amish people do not pose for pictures because they believe that photographs violate the biblical teaching against making graven images (Exodus 20:4)." Also, in the section of the website entitled 'Amish Life FAQ', questions are asked about their religious beliefs, but even here their answers are quite blunt and to the point without much, if any, explanation or elaboration.

Mormons believe very strongly that they are all children of God. They are very pro helping one another and working as a community together. Weather this be helping out in the local library or working to help reduce crime. Mormons always try and see the best within people and are constantly hoping to improve Gods land as their service to God as his children.
They have a book called the Book of Mormon, which they believe it is the word of God it is similar to the Bible. Within it contains information of the Americans everlasting Gospel. The book was composed by many accent prophets and a man called Mormon put all of these writings together. Within the book it outlines the plans of life and it instructs what men and women must do in order to have peace within this life and gain eternal salvation in the life which is to follow after death. It is believed that Joseph Smith was able to find the findings of the Book of Mormon and with the power of God was able to translate these holy readings into many languages for all to read. The book real literates that if you believe in God and Jesus Christ is the son of God and follows his rules of life you will be rewarded in life and in after life.
Mormons are very welcoming in inviting all to join the faith underneath a video clip about the Book of Mormon there is a link where you can request and order your free Mormon book today to start and read and become part of the faith.
At the age of 19 men in the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-Days saints are told or allowed to choose to go on a two year mission which is a volunteer mission going round teaching people about Jesus Christ and doing community service. On one of the video’s William Hopate has to undergo this and he is a millionaire at the age of 19 who is leaving his rugby career to pursuit his two year mission. He is more than willing to give this all up as he believes that he needs to thank God for all of the blessings he has been given by God in his life.
They are very positive in meeting new people as all over their site they have ways in which they can meet up with Mormons or even chat to other Mormons about their faith. They are very well known for having big families this allows them to spread their faith and teach their children as they have been taught. On the site there are many people who have many children. As they believe that God is a creator of earth on the profiles I have found how many are very respective of the outdoors and nature and many Mormons make it a part of their life and hobby being outside and being a part of nature and appreciating it to its full potential.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Buddhists in the US

An interesting religious denomination within the United States is Buddhism. It is a religion which much like Christianity has different sub sections of religions which has split over the years into their own denominations of Buddhism, the most popular being Zen, Lotus, Mahayan, Theravada and Ico-Buddhism but the most popular within the states are usually Zen and Lotus Buddhism as they are very easy to follow and can feel a lot less stressful than the monotony, constant prayer, early Sunday mornings and chunk out of the pay check that Christianity can incur. It is a religion which can be fit around other important parts of your life and can be a very easy way to worship and feel connected to a religion without putting as much time into it as the denominations of Christianity. Therefore it is unsurprising that Buddhism is becoming more common in the US, especially in the seemingly more liberal areas of the West coast, East coast, Hawaii and Florida.
The website I have chosen is a Nichiren sect of Buddhism following the same sort of principles as Lotus Buddhism. They are concerned with inner peace and the idea that if something as beautiful as a Lotus flower can grow and thrive in a swamp then so can a person within the earth. The website I have chosen is based on the teachings of a Japanese monk.
What struck my eye after the bright Lotus flowers on the website was the subsection, 'what is Buddhism?' Throughout the site there is a sense of explanation, a sense of allowing people the knowledge of what their religion is, what it means and even has a section where you can start it out try it out yourself. This videos gives a sense of self, it tells you to 'be yourself' and repeats 'you,' it shows that the religion specifies on self responsibility, you can't by yourself and read yourself, you take control of your own faith and rely on yourself. This main seem alien to most Americans as Christianity is about the community, family and unity where you are helped to worship, things are explained to you and although you have responsibility on your faith the faith itself is about others, God and not self. Therefore this sect of Buddhism goes against the American identity, there would be no grace around the table or going to see all of your friends at church however this sense of freedom would allow those who are Buddhist to have time to be with family, see friends. It could be argued that this faith could be equally as fulfilling as Christianity as it may allow people some 'me' time and allows those who are chanted to have a few minutes to themselves and relying on the strength of self rather than relying on others and potentially blaming their issues on others as they are not taught to rely on self. This religion if it spread could allow Americans to rely on their selves sometimes and take responsibility for their own faith rather than always receiving help.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Mandan tribe

The Mandan tribe are the stereotypical looking Native American tribe. You can see this from the picture through their clothing. Having the face paint on them and the feathers in their head gear and also down their clothing. Women use to wear deerskin dresses and men wore leather clothing and bucksking shirts and also buffalo robes.
The Mandan tribe are/ were located in North Dakota, in the North of America next to the state of Montana by the Missouri River. There are some Natives who still live there today on a reservation of which is under their control along with two other tribes the Hidatsa and the Arikara tribe. On this reservation they have their own government, services and laws. However they are still American citizens and therefore they still must obey the American law. Since the three tribes have merged their native language has been dying out, but the Mandan tribe are trying to keep their language alive.
In the early 18th century the population was 3600 but then by 1836 due to marriages from outside the tribe there were just over 1600 full blood Mandan’s. However by 1838 there was a huge drop in numbers to just 125 being full blood. However in the 1990s with combining the two other tribes, Hidatsa and Arikara the number on the reservation rose to around 6000.
The tribes a few years ago were in great debt but now with a new government they have managed to contain the debt and manage to significantly reduce it to almost none existent. They take great care of their elder citizens as they are an honoured citizen in the village. They have gotten enough money to be able to build a new health centre to look after any emergency cases which may come.
Within their government they are very well formed as in they have many plans to go ahead and have a grasp on all matters. And despite being different tribe the relationship and work ethic which they all have when they come together really is a strong and positive one.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Klamath tribes of southern Oregon.

The Klamath Tribes.


The Klamath tribe can be located to a federal reservation located in southern Oregon, just west of Medford, and south of Crater Lake national park. The tribe is a government recognised, as are many tribes in the USA. Although the tribe lost it's government recognised status as an official tribe tribe in the mid 20th century however regained status in 1986. At the time of termination (1956), the Klamath tribe were the second wealthiest tribe in the nation, and since its restoration in 1986, the tribe as had a 5000% growth rate.

On their official website, it states that the people of the Klamath tribe contribute upwards of $25 million each ears into the Klamath county region of souther Oregon through goods and services, including trade, such as casinos, and by avidly existing as an equal rights employer, employing 250 Klamath county (non tribe) tax paying residents. This is to ensure the tribe stick to their treaty agreement signed with the US government in order to gain recognition.

The mission of the Klamath peoples is; " to protect, preserve and enhance the spiritual, cultural and physical values and resources of the Klamath, Modoc and Yahooskin Peoples by maintaining the customs and heritage of our ancestors.  To establish comprehensive unity by fostering the enhancement of spiritual and cultural values through a government whose function is to protect the human and cultural resources, treaty rights, and to provide for the development and delivery of social and economic opportunities for our People through effective leadership." 

I think that by looking at the above, taken from the Klamath website offers interesting ideas about community, family, the importance of cultural value, and spirituality, while insisting on the importance of cultural and human resources, human rights, and above all treaty rights. I think that by looking at the integration of the Klammath peoples with the non tribal communities in the area, shows the Klamath tribes as a progressive tribe.

Nanticoke Indian Tribe from Deleware

When I visited Delaware last year I had quite a fascination about learning more about Native American people and their culture and history so my Family took me to the Nanticoke Indian museum about 12 miles from my relatives house. When I got there the museum was empty and looked like it had been empty for a while apart from school visits and talks so the two Native American guides showed me around the museum personally and gave me a whistle stop tour of their history, how and where they settled, their culture, dress and food which was all spectacularly interesting. They also taught me how to skin a full buffalo and what every part was used for.

So after some digging I found their website, although a bit backdated they have a lot of wealth of knowledge of their culture and backgrounds.
The word Nanticoke means people of the tide water and they resided usually along the Delaware river and unlike most Native American tribes at the time the settled across the river rather than moving with the seasons to other parts of the US to follow Buffalo.

The website presents their tribe as wealthy hunters, they were very resourceful and were very kind. The page about their history highlights that the Indians were even peaceful when invaded and most were sick and tired so moved up the river to Delaware where most settled and still live today. This shows their identity to be true to themselves and nature, they would rather move and settle further up the river and keep peace than instigate a war between colours.

Their original tribe consisted of 200 people, however the supporters of the cause is much higher, this makes me wonder if other native American tribes from the same area have named themselves as Nanticoke's to be a part of a tribe. The main celebration of Nanticoke Indians is Powwow,, this is a gathering of Nanticoke Indians where they will dance and sing in their original dress, although this is seen as a gathering for only Native Americans this is not true, not only was I invited to join but there are pictures on the site of white Americans joining in on the ceremony showing that their identity is very welcoming, they are warm and kind to those who are interested in their culture and I witnessed it for myself. The tribe itself does not currently reside in tribal areas or practices the old arts so the Powwow is a chance for them and others to experience history and nature and the spirituality of the tribe. This means that wealth wise these Native Americans have normal and usual jobs and practice their culture outside of their work place and are fully integrated into American society (possibly yet again keeping peace.)