Thursday, 30 January 2014

Anti VS Pro Hispanic Immigration in the USA

After reading this website I clicked off it feeling a bit red in the face and after the smoke exited my ears I thought about how successful this site may be.

When I clicked on the site at first the title 'Pro-Illegal Alien Shills True To Their Hispanic 'Roots' made me feel like the whole article itself would be Pro Hispanic Immigration which I believe is the first issue with the site. If I could not properly understand the title and felt like the article may have taken a more positive turn then a lot of people would not understand either. This already sets the article back on the wrong foot, this is then followed by a series of childish and very bias statements about Hispanic people for example, 'Alien,' as an American stereotype an Alien reminds me of a small green Martian with a big head and big eyes, this then makes the assumption that a Hispanic person is not human, not connected with the world, strange, ugly etc.

'You did notice that he did not say ILLEGAL immigration.  And, to call the Minutemen 'vigilantes' and accuse the press of 'hysteria' for following the magnificent story of ordinary, LAW-ABIDING, patriotic American citizens who are 'doing the job our government refuses to do,' is beyond the pale!'

A Statement like this is very interesting however leaves people who are somewhat liberal in an angry state, the specific underlining's under words like 'magnificent,' 'law abiding,' etc. show that not only do these anti Hispanics believe that Hispanics are alien and different they also believe they as Americans are so much better and deserve so much better when they perhaps do not. This website on a whole by just using two to three words completely sum up the rest of the page, pathetic, childish and bias. The man that has written this article has reduced Hispanic immigrants into something that is not human e.g. alien or Tsunami and has made Americans who probably don't work as hard as the Immigrants to stay in the country look like they are perfect angels and they are being damaged and inflicted on in a certain way by this mass immigration. It is completely bias towards a certain side thus being hypocritical as the article even moans that the opposing team were being bias. This all in all makes the success of this website quite poor. However for a person with strong negative views they may get along quite well with this statement: 'A deluge of illegal aliens that has defied our laws and sovereignty, balkanized our cities and towns, corrupted our unifying English language, culture and society, degraded our hospitals, schools and jails and caused reductions in our American quality of life, job opportunities and wages.'

However to me it seems a bit too much like this:

When it came to finding a pro Hispanic account it became a bit more difficult, it seemed because English may not be their first language and some live in poverty, the idea of airing their bias views on the internet was a waste of time because they actually had to work to feed their families. However I did come across this...

This website is specifically to try and give people information about Hispanic people, their heritage and numbers over the USA. This article may seem to be objective throughout just given a non bias view upon the issue however in the last paragraph it goes on to explain how some Hispanic people are very successful and make up a larger than average in some of the best careers in the states. This can be seen as a success in the front of the issue however where are the big waving flags? The insults to American people? The passion and the fire? It seems like every pro to Hispanic immigration is weak, wavering and very boring, maybe if they started calling Americans the 'aliens' then the argument may become a lot less weak and a lot more interesting to read. As a supporter I am not just disappointed that the Hispanic people do not fight I am angry that they don't. All in all this website was weak, poor and did nothing for me and I doubt it would really rally people as much as the first website did, so by process of elimination the first website (I hate to say it) was a lot more successful in convincing me.

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