Wednesday, 22 January 2014

K 12 Immigration project

This immigration web project was created by Guilford County Schools Technology Services which provides various different on line learning techniques and projects to schools in North Carolina. The project itself is focused on the period 1820 to 1924 and clearly aims to help the children in 5th grade understand the experiences of those thirty five million immigrants during this time.

There appears to be a particular emphasis throughout this project on the experiences of the immigrants, including that of children (A Boy's Journey), perhaps suggesting that the 5th graders will be able to relate to them better and find it easier to learn about their experiences. There is also a focus on actually speaking to someone who went through the "difficult and dangerous" journey to America and learning about their first hand experience; during the project the children are prepared to interview "someone who was born in another country and moved to America" implying this will help their understanding. Most interestingly however, the vocabulary task which is the very first part of the project includes words with both positive and negative connotations. For example, the words which they are required to research and write a brief definition of, vary from 'America' and 'journey' to 'deformity', 'disease', 'baggage' and 'inspection'; all of which evoke feelings of uneasiness and even fear.

Despite this, it appears that overall the children learning about immigration through this web project would find it difficult to form their own opinions and ideas on the subject; particularly as they learn very little of what happens to them after Ellis Island which is a huge focus throughout. Only the interview with someone who had experienced immigration and perhaps hints from the vocabulary task suggest any negativity surrounded immigration. Overall, it is clearly hoped that the children come to understand "why the United States is called the nation of all nations."

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  1. A good post - interesting comment on the following through after leaving Ellis Island too