Wednesday, 19 March 2014


This video is an ad created by Generation Opportunity that was made to encourage young people to vote against Obamacare. The ad features a young man going in for a check-up after signing up for Obamacare. When the Doctor is informed of the man’s insurance, he tells him to take his pants off and bend over. The words “don’t let government play doctor” then appear on the screen. The ad itself is very creepy and can be seen as disrespectful to the figure of Uncle Sam. There is a political phrase, “bend over,” that refers to the government taking control of people. Generation Opportunity attempted to give this phrase a literal meaning. The argument made is that the government is too involved in hospital visits. They feel that if you vote for Obamacare you will not receive quality care in hospitals. I am not greatly involved with politics, but I do not support this ad. I found the ad to be quite extreme and not very practical.

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