Thursday, 27 March 2014

This website is the homepage of a list of articles which are all to do with how primarily learning has changed as a consequence of the digital identity. Some articles explain how students are taking their lectures and learning outside the classroom, where another essay explains how students in the less poor countries are being given the opportunity to learn excelled degrees as a consequence of the ever growing speedy up to date broadband.

The article from this list of many which u am focusing on it to do with the ever growing, and possibly one if the top three most common daily sites used, being more well known as YouTube. Salmon Khan has created a repartition for himself on YouTube. He is now more commonly now as the YouTube teacher. This came about as he wanted to help his cousins completing their homework so decided to upload videos to YouTube in order to do this. After three years Khan ending quitting his job due to the amount of views he got and huge companies such as google and Bill Gates got involved with his project. Now you can see videos everywhere on YouTube with carried subjects to help students with their studies.

YouTube is a great phenomenon which is of a result if broad band and the World Wide Web. It is used as a way to make yourself noticeable, standing out from her crowd. The amazement which has been created over the past few decades is incredible. It has become an amazing achievement which only continues to expand. Helping more and more throughout their life.

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