Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Gay Marriage... America doesn't care

) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eXG2bihMFk

Reporter Susie Sampson has done a string of videos asking Americans who live in Delaware their thoughts on gay rights and specifically marriage. Delaware was the 11th state to allow gay marriage and she asks Americans their views on the word 'marriage' for Homosexual people. It is clear to see that the reporter is pro Homosexuality or 'pro love' and uses the words 'come out' as a connotation for Obama admitting he is pro gay marriage, this in itself could have a connotation that he is being brave to come out with such ideas to a country which has divided views. Interestingly in this video, the younger the person she is talking to, the more they accept Gay marriage, a man even quoting, 'it is more of a personal issue,' claiming that politics should be left out personal choice. Every person she spoke to including those who were against gay marriage were for them having civil rights, a person against even claiming, 'it is a free country.' The issue lies within the word marriage itself, none of the people within the video believed that homosexuality was wrong (although one said he felt it was unnatural) they just claimed they did not want the same word to be used to describe the act of marriage itself, but would be happy even if the pronunciation of the word was slightly different. It shows that the issue does not lie within the choice of being gay itself or the right to express themselves, it comes within the marriage. However there was not a gay representative within the video, it is interesting to see the views on heterosexual American's on being gay, but without a representative it is hard to say whether they want the word marriage to be the same or they just want the same civil rights.

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