Monday, 10 March 2014

Gay/Lesbian Identity


"I Want To Know What It's Like"

This video is a combination of statements made by homosexuals expressing how they feel about their sexual identity. Everyone in the video is wearing white and most of them are rhyming their words. The title of the video expresses the unity that the individuals feel about homosexuality. They are metaphorically standing beside each other during their struggles. The video is very personal in that the people are expressing how they feel from their own side. The audience is people who are homophobic or just against homosexuality. The video speaks to the idea of American identity through the eyes of the gay and lesbian people. They feel that America is not accepting of them and that they cannot live a comfortable life. They are constantly being harassed and are not allowed to be open about their feelings. They claim this goes against their constitutional rights as an American citizen. America is supposed to be the land of the free and homosexuality is still not accepted in society. Some of the topics brought up in the video are equal opportunity, full equality and how America is supposed to be "one." This nonacceptance from the American people poses as a big threat to the homosexuals who want to be open about their sexual identity. They feel that America is not following through with its idea of unity and equality. 

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