Tuesday, 11 March 2014


) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shOW1eHessA

In this YouTube video Obama promotes the LGBT community. He is seen to place a massive emphasis on support and encouragement and his rhetoric can truly be considered as holistic of the society as a whole. This idea is justified due to the vast amount and wide rage of legislation that he passed through government. Obama is could be seen as congratulating all on the homosexuals who were able to go against the activist groups against gays. He is commending the stand in which they have took and coveys an understanding point of view. Understanding in the concept of him understanding the courage that going against views of others would be, no matter how big. He says how it is difficult to do small things in life from coming out to friends and family having the risk of loosing them in your life because they don't support you to getting married, in the few states where it is legal.
 In the middle of Obama's speech he explains how they adapted, suppressed their lives to compromise with those who are against LGBT and by doing so they have been patient in waiting for the world to change their point of view and opinion on LGBT.
Obama doesn't say a negative word against the people who in the past may have been homophobic. Instead Obama is encouraging them that each day is different and encouraging the fact that you can change in the now. No matter what you may have said or done in the last you can learn to change and understand.

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