Wednesday, 19 March 2014


This webpage from the website reveals several different arguments against 'Obamacare' or ACA. GOP's (The 'Grand Old Party') more official title being the Republican Party makes it more inevitable that they will fight against this act their political rivals have passed.  From the five reasons given against Obamacare it is clear that despite its claims to improve health care across America, there will be huge costs for them to pay. In particular, the insurance they are expected to pay in order to reap the benefits of the supposedly better health care which this webpage focuses on in their second point.

The fourth point given by the Republican party is that it will produce a significant rise in taxes, something which Americans appear to be strongly opposed to. Many disagree with the idea that the money they put in will not only be used to look after yourself but also many others in the country, particularly as a considerable amount of Americans cannot afford this.

However, it seems the legitimacy of the claims made on this website can be questioned as the majority of sources and quotes used to put across their opinion come from newspapers and magazines rather than more official sources. The third point raised, that Obamacare will hurt the quality of health care, could also be questioned as much of it seems to be more guess work than actual data or statistics, particularly seen by the argument from the Associated Press that "ObamaCare May Increase Crowding At ERs".

Overall it is difficult to empathize with many of the issues raised by this webpage as it is posted by the Republican Party who would most likely oppose any act put forward from the Democratic Party. However, the last two points I believe would strike something in many Americans to feel negatively about Obamacare; many I'm sure would not agree that they potentially pay less for health care but more for their insurance and feel it unrealistic that Obamacare will lead to savings rather than further debt for America. 

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