Thursday, 13 March 2014

This review is on a website which is specifically for teenagers. The website has books which they believe teens would like. The glass castle was a text which appeared in the site being one recommended for teens to read. Although the reviewer is anonymous she or he describes the love for the book. Within the first sentence the reviewer describes how surprised she was by the novel using the saying  'don't judge a book by its cover' conveys her positive view on the book and how she believes it is a good novel for teens to read. Later on within the review the reviewer describes how the book gives a different perspective traditional family life, explaining how it allows you to have another insight into another life.
The book according to the reviewer has a lot of elements which allows the reader to relate to the novel. Like the reviewer says walls way of telling stories gives a reassurance to readers, the readers who have the hard life at home and use elements such as school to escape their life.
The overall review of the book from the reviewer is a positive one and is recommended to the teens reading the reviews.

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