Thursday, 13 March 2014

Glass Castle Presentation

-Successful writer who overcame many obstacles
-Has a hidden identity "secret world"
-Embarrassed (like many others with the same past)

-Moving homes often
               Not stable jobs
As long as her dad can keep a job
               “the skedaddle”
-Cannot manage money
               Her dad’s alcohol problem
               Her mom’s inheritance money
                              Art supplies
               No food
                              Children often hungry
-Sexual mistreatment
               (Also seen in “Push”)
               Jeannette and Billy/Uncle Stanley
               Dad and Green Lantern
               Grandma and Brian
-Sense of Hope
               “glass castle”
               Positive attitudes at difficult times
               Mom wanted to become artist
               Dad wanted to find gold
               Moved to NY
               Saw mom picking through garbage
Her “secret world”
-Sometimes it’s a Choice
               Irresponsible decisions

               Desire to live that way

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