Wednesday, 19 March 2014

This is a link from the NRCC website and this link is to a blog about Obamacare. They have used the word 'Frenemies' within their title for the piece. The title to the blog is one of the main things which drew me into wanting to read the article. It uses an urban slang word to duscuss politice. Freneminies is the concept of someone being your friend but at the same time working against you. Trying to get ahead competing with you. The concept of it you could compare to that of a spy, finding out all of the details of a plan, supporting it and then using this information which you have found out to your plan exposing all negative aspects of the other plan.

The blog is exposing 6 elements which are disagreeing with Obamacare. The main element being the price. Obamacare is all having a low costs. However the argument is suggesting that this wont be the case and in fact it will still cost money and the possibility of debt to go through with Obamacare. According to point number five insurance premiums have increased since being under the Obamacare. This is because of the insurance companies unsurity. Their unsurity has left them with the decision to increase costs due to the higher increase of sick people requiring insurance. People like Bruce Braley are stating that they dont agree with Obamacare as it is a huge risk which could ruin his campaign

Studying into the Health care within America as our topic for this week, it has made me view America in a different light. America is known as being a friendly polite nation. However when it comes to helath care America are very selfish and greedy nation. Obamacare has been thought through with the intention of having affordable health care. Obamacare has so many positive elements to it and i think that at the risk of there being the possiblility of higher taxes that the people whom are against it need to reconsider their views.

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