Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. (Mormons)

The reason i have chosen to write my post on the Mormon faith is because it is a relatively new religion, in that it was founded and became popular AFTER America itself became a country, (officially founded by Joseph Smith in 1830).

Interestingly, although the main influence of the Mormon Church resides in Utah, North America, the majority of Mormon faith followers live outside of the USA.

The map below shows the percentage of Mormon faith followers in the United States;

Contritely, this map (below) shows the overall estimated population of Mormon faith followers across the globe;
File:LDS Global Distribution.svg

By looking at the two maps, it is easy to see how the Mormon faith is more spread out, and not just centres in one dense place like it is easy to imagine.

After looking through the official Mormon webpage, a number of things are immediately apparent. Firstly, the Mormon Church, and it's followers a keen humanitarians, placing much pride in their community, missionary, and aid work both at home and abroad, stressing that 'we are all God's children, and that we should all help each other', secondly, the Church of Latter Day Saints is adamant that it is a rigorous and stringent CHRISTIAN group. Although arguments have been made in the past that this is not the case, the Church as earned recognition in the United States, and indeed world wide as to it's Christian background and affiliation.

Furthermore, although the Church operates as a 'strict' and stringent denomination of Christianity, it's doors are open to anybody, no matter of race, colour, creed, or background (including homosexuals), making the Church of Latter Day Saints arguably the most Christian of all the Christian faiths.

The webpage offers a FAQ's section, endeavouring to answer any important question one might have about the faith, including its politics, its stance on marriage, its history, and so on. All throughout the page maintaining that they are tradition Christians committed to helping those in need, and doing whatever they can to help out, no matter who is in need.

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