Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Trust Women organisation

This website is from the organisation 'Trust Women' which takes a pro-choice stance on abortion. This organisation not only campaigns for women's rights to choose if they want an abortion, but also for improved abortion care and  maternal health in America. Their main focus appears to be in the Midwest and the South as they say this is where "women’s reproductive rights have been limited more than in any other region of the country....We will measure our success by the number of women in this region who can easily access abortion and who have healthy pregnancies and safe deliveries." This is also emphasised by the 'Target States' page of the website in which Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri are named as the areas which require the most attention: "These states are also home to some of the most restrictive and punitive laws curtailing women’s access to reproductive health care, and claim some of the highest teen pregnancy and child poverty rates in the country.  Anti-abortion and anti-government activism is heated, high-profile, and often violent.  And the women of these regions suffer."

This organisation was set up in response to the work of physician Dr. George Tiller, who is credited as their inspiration, as he worked toward reproductive rights for women and, rather controversially, was the medical director of Women's Health Care Services which provided late-term abortions for women. Trust Women make it clear they wish to continue with his vision, despite high numbers of anti-abortionists, one of whom assassinated Tiller in 2009.

Overall, I agree with what 'Trust Women' are aiming to do in America, in my opinion they are providing a safe option for those women who want to keep control of their own bodies. This is particularly relevant in cases of rape or domestic violence when many women are given no option when it comes to their pregnancy. Similarly, the fact that this organisation provide help and care for women both during and after pregnancy they seem to be providing many women with a safe and supportive place to go where there most likely would not have been before.

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