Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Mormons believe very strongly that they are all children of God. They are very pro helping one another and working as a community together. Weather this be helping out in the local library or working to help reduce crime. Mormons always try and see the best within people and are constantly hoping to improve Gods land as their service to God as his children.
They have a book called the Book of Mormon, which they believe it is the word of God it is similar to the Bible. Within it contains information of the Americans everlasting Gospel. The book was composed by many accent prophets and a man called Mormon put all of these writings together. Within the book it outlines the plans of life and it instructs what men and women must do in order to have peace within this life and gain eternal salvation in the life which is to follow after death. It is believed that Joseph Smith was able to find the findings of the Book of Mormon and with the power of God was able to translate these holy readings into many languages for all to read. The book real literates that if you believe in God and Jesus Christ is the son of God and follows his rules of life you will be rewarded in life and in after life.
Mormons are very welcoming in inviting all to join the faith underneath a video clip about the Book of Mormon there is a link where you can request and order your free Mormon book today to start and read and become part of the faith.
At the age of 19 men in the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-Days saints are told or allowed to choose to go on a two year mission which is a volunteer mission going round teaching people about Jesus Christ and doing community service. On one of the video’s William Hopate has to undergo this and he is a millionaire at the age of 19 who is leaving his rugby career to pursuit his two year mission. He is more than willing to give this all up as he believes that he needs to thank God for all of the blessings he has been given by God in his life.
They are very positive in meeting new people as all over their site they have ways in which they can meet up with Mormons or even chat to other Mormons about their faith. They are very well known for having big families this allows them to spread their faith and teach their children as they have been taught. On the site there are many people who have many children. As they believe that God is a creator of earth on the profiles I have found how many are very respective of the outdoors and nature and many Mormons make it a part of their life and hobby being outside and being a part of nature and appreciating it to its full potential.

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