Tuesday, 11 February 2014

On line review of Push.

Throughout this on line book review, the writer makes it explicitly clear that the brutally real and uncomfortably graphic style of narration throughout makes for a difficult read, claiming the book as 'brutally real', and 'shocking'.

The writer, on more that one occasion throughout the review, refers to issues of sexuality, listing some of the key homosexual characters in the book, notably Miss Rain, the protagonists teacher at the Alternative school, noting her as 'the first positive gay person in Clarice's life'. I think it is important to mention, or at least make reference to the homosexual view point throughout the book, as the author Sapphire is a lesbian.

The review often makes reference to the heavy features of race and class within the book. Suggesting an evident imbalance of society, especially in relatively impoverished areas such as Harlem, where the book is set, noting how Clarice 'fell though the cracks of the system', as poor black girl, Clarice simply never had a chance, and unfortunately, this can be found all too commonly within lower class America.

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