Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Klamath tribes of southern Oregon.

The Klamath Tribes.


The Klamath tribe can be located to a federal reservation located in southern Oregon, just west of Medford, and south of Crater Lake national park. The tribe is a government recognised, as are many tribes in the USA. Although the tribe lost it's government recognised status as an official tribe tribe in the mid 20th century however regained status in 1986. At the time of termination (1956), the Klamath tribe were the second wealthiest tribe in the nation, and since its restoration in 1986, the tribe as had a 5000% growth rate.

On their official website, it states that the people of the Klamath tribe contribute upwards of $25 million each ears into the Klamath county region of souther Oregon through goods and services, including trade, such as casinos, and by avidly existing as an equal rights employer, employing 250 Klamath county (non tribe) tax paying residents. This is to ensure the tribe stick to their treaty agreement signed with the US government in order to gain recognition.

The mission of the Klamath peoples is; " to protect, preserve and enhance the spiritual, cultural and physical values and resources of the Klamath, Modoc and Yahooskin Peoples by maintaining the customs and heritage of our ancestors.  To establish comprehensive unity by fostering the enhancement of spiritual and cultural values through a government whose function is to protect the human and cultural resources, treaty rights, and to provide for the development and delivery of social and economic opportunities for our People through effective leadership." 

I think that by looking at the above, taken from the Klamath website offers interesting ideas about community, family, the importance of cultural value, and spirituality, while insisting on the importance of cultural and human resources, human rights, and above all treaty rights. I think that by looking at the integration of the Klammath peoples with the non tribal communities in the area, shows the Klamath tribes as a progressive tribe.

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