Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Amish in the USA

            This website dedicated to the Amish across the United States reminded and emphasised for me how diverse the faiths of this country are. However, dissimilarly from the majority of other religions in America, the Amish seem to make it clear they want very little contact with anyone from the outside world and "do not solicit nor encourage tourism to their quiet countryside farms." This is accentuated throughout the website by their references to the "Englishers, Yankees or High People (names given by the Amish for anyone who is not Amish) and their insistence that they do not care to be educated about the modern world.  
           The website also appears to focus on the skills and traditions of the Amish people, with very little reference to their religious background. However, any reference to the Bible within the website is clearly taken very seriously; for example: "The Amish people do not pose for pictures because they believe that photographs violate the biblical teaching against making graven images (Exodus 20:4)." Also, in the section of the website entitled 'Amish Life FAQ', questions are asked about their religious beliefs, but even here their answers are quite blunt and to the point without much, if any, explanation or elaboration.

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