Wednesday, 26 February 2014

NOW blog

This is a website dedicated to women being able to be heard. It is alloowing women to express views on subjects which are considered to be significant. This web link is of a blog off of the website and is about women not recieving equal pay. The blog is backed up with a lot of data to support their view on how men are paid more than women. And this is not at all alright!

On the blog it states that women are significantly under paid and they are more likely than men to out live their life savings as a consequence of this. 2058 is meant to be the time when this wage cap between male and female will be closed. I will be Accoding to my maths I am now 18 and i will be 62 when this gap has been closed. Women represent two thirds of the minimum wage payments. This means that for single mums out there they will not earn enough money to be able to live off for their child and themselves. And many may say well work more hours, but this may not be possible as those longer hours which you are working. The money which you are earning is not going into the womens savings it is going into the childcare. To look after their children.
In 2012 for every $1 paid to a male worker a female worker only recieved 77 cents. This is not acceptable. As women often are capeable of doing the same type of work or job to the same standard and a male. It is wrong that men get compencated more for being male.

In a poll taken over 50% of republicans agreed on their being a salary rise. So why has it not been raised?

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